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Prog 1/6: Pride & Passion
With guests including The Proclaimers and The Corries, Phil asks why Scots are so passionate about their identity. Repeated on Tuesday 6 November 2007 BBC Two Scotland, 7.00 - 8.00pm

Phil Cunningham embarks on a journey very close to his heart, exploring the roots of Scotland's music to find out what makes it distinctly Scottish.

Over the six-part series, Phil travels across Scotland's glorious landscape, telling the story of the nation's incredible music heritage whilst showcasing the richness and diversity of new talent. As Phil discovers, the sound of Scottish music has changed dramatically over the years, but the subject matter has not. Love, legends, the landscape, work and pride in our nation have been the constant inspiration for Scottish musicians for hundreds of years. Composers and songsmiths have returned to these ideas time and again.

Using a mix of music performance, conversation and reflection, Scotland's Music with Phil Cunningham tells an epic tale. From the music of the isles to the sounds of the cities, from Scotland's brightest new musicians to the music our ancestors took with them around the world.

Phil says: "For the last 30 years, Scottish music has been my life and my career. I love this little, great, big country that we live in. I love it for its loyalty and for its passion, I love it for its determination in the face of adversity but most of all I love its music."

In the first programme of the series, Phil delves deep into Scotland's national identity. Today's vibrant Scottish music industry is built firmly on the traditional roots and Phil discovers how culture and music are crucial elements of our national pride. Phil takes a look at the passions which stir Scottish spirits and how they are reflected in music. He travels to the Prestonpans battleground, visits Edinburgh's influential folk bar Sandy Bells where he served his musical apprenticeship and reveals the myth behind the English bagpipe ban. In the late 18th century Scotland's identity was seriously under threat and the music of the country was in need of a saviour. It found one in poet, philosopher and nationalist Robert Burns. Alongside singer Rod Patterson, Phil performs iconic Burns songs Scots Wha Hae and Parcel O' Rogues.

The programme also looks at the influence of Queen Victoria on Scots music, the Edinburgh Festival revolution, the political message of 1960s folk music and the lyrical answer to the threat to the Gaelic language. Corries legend Ronnie Brown shares his musical inspirations while The Proclaimers Charlie and Craig Reid reveal how record company bosses urged them to change their musical accent to be more commercial. Also including contributions from Midge Ure, Barbara Dickson, the Shotts and Dykehead Pipe Band, Findlay Napier, Flora MacNeil, this programme features performances from The Proclaimers, Cathy Anne MacPhee and Dick Gaughan.

Please note this programme will be repeated on Tuesday 6 November, BBC Two Scotland, 7.00-8.00pm.

Scotland's Music with Phil Cunningham running order (subject to change)

  1. 1/6 Sat 3 Nov 8.10pm - 9.10pm: Pride & Passion
    With guests including The Proclaimers and The Corries, Phil asks why Scots are so passionate about their identity.

  2. 2/6 Sat 10 Nov 8.10pm - 9.10pm: Love & Loss
    Why does a nation not known for displays of emotion reveal its deepest feelings through music and laments? With Eddi Reader, John Martyn and Karine Polwart.

  3. 3/6 Sat 17 Nov 8.10pm - 9.10pm: Toil & Struggle
    Phil is joined by Sheena Wellington, Archie Fisher and Martin Taylor to explore why some Scottish working songs have survived, and what they reveal about our ancestors.

  4. 4/6 Sat 24 Nov 8.10pm - 9.10pm: Heaven & Earth
    Catriona McKay, Aly Bain and Tommy Smith join Phil to examine the relationship between Scots and the landscape.

  5. 5/6 Sat 1 Dec 8.10pm - 9.10pm: Fun & Games
    Scots love a party. What is it about Scottish music that brings together the young, the old and the indifferent? With Robbie Shepherd, Paolo Nutini, Fergie MacDonald and Colin Dewar.

  6. 6/6 Sat 8 Dec 8.10pm - 9.10pm: Home & Away
    Phil follows the diaspora of Scottish music, and asks how it influenced American styles. With Roseanne Cash, Bruce Molsky, Betty Smith and others.

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