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Name: Tony Saunders    From: Perth, Western Australia
Luv ya work !
Added: 28/02/2008

Name: neil haldane    From: south queensferry
Hi Phil.Great music might see you again at Portobello b/l or in tesco's
Added: 25/02/2008

Name: Neil Kennedy Perry    From: Aspe (Alicante) Spain
Saw you last year in Lichfield, Isabel, (the Spanish bride who's life was made when you spoke to her in the interval), saw you as you would say 'a few chins ago' in Murcia, Spain, where we saw you again recently. Awesome entertainment. We loved it as much as you loved the Spanish ´Croquettes'. Hope to see you again very soon. Good luck to you both. Love the website.
Added: 25/02/2008

Name: Uncle Evan    From: Port Macquarie Australia
Good one Phil Luv Ya Evan
Added: 23/02/2008

Name: Maggie    From: Ardachy
Hi Phil.
Great site.Don't forget to visit yer untyBunty at Munty's.
Added: 21/02/2008

Name: jim killeen    From: Grayslake Illinois USA
Hi Phil, Congratulations on your composer of the year award. I am sure that Lizzie must be very proud of you. Let us know if you plan to do a US concert tour or cruise soon again. Slainte,JIm.
Added: 14/02/2008

Name: charlie brown    From: falkirk
hi phil good to see that you have finaly got the web site up and running, it looks really fantastic very classy and smooth.
dont know if you will remember me but i was the guy who knocked your drink over when you visited the falkirk folk club in the towns burns bar many years ago with silly wizzard. it was a goog noght and you have went on from strength to strength. hope to see you live soon. yours charlie.
Added: 13/02/2008

Name: Margaret Coull    From: Penicuik, Midlothian
I agree with Pete. There has to be a DVD released if anyone has any sense. Also when will "The Secret Life of Roses" be released?
Added: 09/02/2008

Name: Pete Jones    From: originally Elgin but now Fareh
I watch your Scotlands music over and over. What about a series DVD?

Yours aye,

Added: 08/02/2008

Name: Harriet Doyle    From: Boulder colorado
Hello phil! I just wanted to say hi, and congradulations on the Composer of the year! It was great to hear you won that! I don't know if you remember me, but you might remember my mother! Teri Rasmusson, in colorado! I have been listening to johnnys peter and wendy album, and was wondering if there is anyway of getting sheet music for any of those tunes or songs! I would love to sing some! Thanks!

well hope you are doing well!
Harriet Doyle.
Added: 07/02/2008

Name: David O,Reilly    From: Dalry, North Ayrshire
Hi phil i work at Hessilhead Wildlife Rescue with Gay and Andy i saw a few episodes of your show and enjoyed it hopefully i will see you at the centre one day and in concert All the best.
Added: 04/02/2008

Name: Dave Shone    From: Brynsiencyn, N. Wales
My big disappointment was "Scotland's Music with Phil Cunningham." The disappointment being that by the time I found out it was on, I found myself watching the very last episode and had missed the other five. This is because being in Wales, I don't regularly watch Scottish TV. I contacted the BBC but they tell me they have no plans to re-screen it or produce a DVD. I am therefore appealing to anyone reading this to write to the BBC so that we can get this programme screened south of the border. They will consider it if enough interest is shown.

Look forward to seeing you Phil, and Aly, at The Last Inn, Hengoed, on April 11th 2008.

All the best

Dave Shone
Added: 04/02/2008

Name: David McKay    From: Aberdeen
Never miss your appearances in the Music Hall.
Totally enjoyed your recent TV series of Scotlands Music, especially the "blue-grass" treatment of the Secret Life of Roses. (wonder how Johnny Cash would have sung it ??
Added: 03/02/2008

Name: eunice    From: fife
I enjoyed Scotlands Music so much."Should be on the curriculum."
So todays news re.Phil's new post is well deserved.Who better?
Enjoying listening to your music.
Added: 31/01/2008

Name: Elliott Boyle    From: Perth
Hi Phil,
I have seen you and Aly performing a good few times and was wondering when you are next touring in Perth area?
I'm past a president of Perth Burns Club and originally from South Ayrshire (Catrine)

Added: 31/01/2008

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