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Name: Tim Grevatt    From: Dartington - Devon
Thanks for a wonderful & entertaining evening In Harberton last night. I certainly did not want it to finish - but all good things must come to an end. I hope both you and Aly enjoyed your trip to Devon. Please come back. Meanwhile your music fills our house with a mixture of dance & pathos. FANTASTIC. I very much look forward to your solo album with the missing tune (you know which one that is, so do I- you played it last night!) I would have been even more thrilled if that had been written for me!

Thanks again,
Yours Aye,
Added: 31/03/2008

Name: Donald Owen    From: Littleborough,Lancashire
I saw you on Transatlantic Sessions on BBC 4 on 29th March and thought your music was fantastic - so I managed to find a cd {the best of you and aly bain} which I am enjoying very much. I haven't got as far as to see when you have any gigs this year but intend to go to at least one of them.
Added: 30/03/2008

Name: Karen Downey    From: Indiana, USA
I heard your music on The Prairie Home Companion radio show last night and again this morning. You are wonderful and thrilled my heart. I would like to buy your cd's, and so please let me know where to get them? Are they available in the US? I am coming to Scotland in November (for my 61st birthday, yay!!) and would like to know if you are playing anywhere at that time, in the UK. I am so happy to have found your music.

Karen Downey
Added: 30/03/2008

Name: Vicente    From: Zaragoza, Spain
Fantastic Phil. I hope see you soon in Spain.
Added: 29/03/2008

Name: Tony 'Twin Pipe' Torino    From: The North of Wales
Many thanks for making the trip to St George's Hall so worthwhile last night boys, it was indeed a privilege to be in the audience! And without a doubt you're the funniest duo to hit Liverpool since Souness and McDermott!!
Added: 28/03/2008

Name: Bob    From: Southport
I and several friends were priviledged to be in the audience last night in the Concert Hall, St. Georges Building, Liverpool.
This was the first time any of us had seen you live and I would just like to say how much we all enjoyed the show.
I hope Aly recovers quickly from his 'man flu'
I'll be looking out for you again in another 20 years
Added: 28/03/2008

Name: Jean Reynolds    From: Horndean, Hampshre
Yet again we enjoyed you and Aly at Fareham - we've seen you umpteen times (Roots around the World, Basingstoke etc.) Love your Fergie jokes. I used to dance to him way back in the 60s at the Highlanders' Institute and the Kingston Halls in Glasgow - I am an Argyll lass but married an Englishman!! Great these days to get so many Scottish groups/singers down here. Heard Karine Polwart at Petersfield last Sunday
Added: 21/03/2008

Name: stefan hohberg    From: germany
Dear Phil, nice to watch so many clips of you on the internet. Got your cds and those with Silly Wizard plus your dvd playing together with Aly. Just ordered the transatlantic sessions 3 album. Is there anything I do not know about yet? Best wishes, aye Stef
Added: 21/03/2008

Name: Sharon Mikulich    From: Chicago, Illinois, USA
Hi, I was at CC in January, lucky enough to hear your gigs including the amazing Transatlantic Sessions (from the front row). Saw 2 parts of the TV series at a friend's house in Glasgow. Sure wish the series could be available on DVD for fans in the States. My Irish pals would love it too. Please come to Chicago when you're not so busy!! ha! do you ever get time off? Keep playing! Not too much Scottish music gets to Chicago anymore.
Cheers, Sharon
Added: 07/03/2008

Name: ros    From: Peebles
loved every performance, last concert was at Pitlochry. Best evening was at Denholm very informal but unforgettable
Added: 07/03/2008

Name: John    From: Seattle WA
Great website Phil. I have lived in the US for six years (married a wonderful American) but frequently visit my Mum in Jersey (who is unable to visit us because of her health). I'll be over their when you play with Aly at the Jersey Art Centre, so I am looking forward to that. So is my mum! Any plans for you to be in the American NW anytime? Thanks for continuing to give so much.
Added: 05/03/2008

Name: tom aitchison    From: fort augustus now sheffield
Hello Phil,I have enjoyed your playing for many years and also your and Aly's comments re. my idol Calum Kennedy;I was responsible for composing the tribute to Calum read at his memorial service. Good luck Phil and whilst you,Aly,Fergie and the Vatersay boya are around Scottish musice will thrive.
Added: 04/03/2008

Name: Christopher Donald    From: Doylestown, PA USA
I was overjoyed to find your new site, and hope that you and Ally will come to the States again soon. I live about 10 miles from where Johnny had a farm here in Pennsylvania, and had the honor of seeing you and Susan and Kevin play a concert in Sellersville in honor of Johnny.

Last night, your good friend Andy Stewart was in Philadelphia, singing many old and new songs. And the echoes of Wizardry that you all were filled the air here.

Finally, I cannot help but remember one of the last times I saw your good friend Dougie in New York, about ten blocks from where Johnny played many a night, and Dougie sang

"You can fall but you must not lie down
You can fall but you must not lie down
And though you're lost in the deep of the fiddle's sweet sound."

In the silence that filled the space that night, I could almost make out Johnny playing on the fiddle..

Fond memories,


Doylestown, PA
Added: 04/03/2008

Name: Elaine Finlayson    From: Kyle of Lochalsh
Phil you are a true gentleman! The help and encouragement you have given to my daughter on her school project was greatly appreciated. Keep playing and we will continue to enjoy your music and your enthusiasm.
Added: 29/02/2008

Name: Sarah Sherwood    From: Northwich
Hi Phil, We miss you playing down in Cheshire. Still love your music after all these years. Especially the twiddly bit in Jacksons!!!!
Love Sarah and Ian Sherwood
Added: 28/02/2008

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