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Name: Bucky Bear    From: Cambridge Mass U.S.A.
Phil I have a line on more old "Off The Cuff Band" video,with Johnny,when he played with us in the 80's When I get them on DVD I'll send them over. Same address as I have? all the best Bucky
Added: 07/06/2008

Name: Jennifer    From: Vancouver, BC
Heya Phreuill...

Rover Jen stopping by to say hello! I hope you come back to the Northwest here...your last show in Bellingham with Aly was wonderful and I can't wait to see you again. Heck, jump borders and come up here to Canada!
Added: 29/05/2008

Name: Beate Allerton    From: Aberdeenshire
Hi Phil. There is a beautiful slow tune on Youtube from your concert in Spain last November. I've searched high and low but can't find it anywhere else - would you please tell me its name? (It's number 6 posted by Eolrindebara) Thanks ever so much.
By the way, the low carb diet does work - but requires a wee bit of patience. And should you be looking for more cooking inspiration I happen to have a regular 'Recipe of the Month' page :-)
All the best and good luck with the new TV series!
Added: 28/05/2008

Name: Frank Dowie    From: Blantyre
Hey Phil, you g/book is 'jumping'. The first of your BBC serious is well stored on my box. Looking forward to next one. BTW - loved the Honda ad!! Slainte
Added: 26/05/2008

Name: Abbie    From: California, US
Hello! We met long ago at a concert at the Neighborhood Church in Pasadena. You won't remember me, but you may remember the occasion -- you and Aly Bain were touring, it was on or near your birthday, and the local Rovers had arranged a large chocolate cake decorated with leaping sheep in icing, presented to you after the performance. Wonderful concert! Very sorry to hear you have been ill, very glad to hear you are better and looking forward to more wonderful music
Added: 25/05/2008

Name: Diane Schirf    From: The U.S.
Howdy, Phil, long time and no see in Chicago! Hope you can make it back some day. I am most impressed by the photo with Dame Diana Rigg! I love The Avengers! What a thrill that must have been -- for her!

Take care,
Added: 19/05/2008

Name: Sheila Morrison    From: New Byth
Hi Phil: I was so sorry to hear you had been in hospital recently. I do hope you're on the mend. (You'll be giving the 'Grouse and Ginger' a miss for the time being!!) Crombie will be delighted to have you at home and gettingplenty 'walkies'! I like your music and have most of you C.D.'s. I have also watched your T.V. programmes, and they were different. I usually go to the Music Hall in Aberdeen to see your show but unfortunately this year I'll be in the States and will miss it. Is there anywhere else in the North East where you will be appearing this year? I saw you in Turriff last year and wondered if you and Ali would be back. Congratulations on your new post. It's a great honour for you. Hope to meet you one of these days. Keep up the good work and do take care. Lots of love, Sheila x
Added: 09/05/2008

Name: Judy Stein    From: St Louis, Missouri, USA
Hello Phil! Please let me know the next time you visit the States! Focal Point would love to invite you to perform again.
Added: 04/05/2008

Name: Jim McLaren    From: Cupar, Fife
Where, oh where can I buy sheet music for some of your stuff!. I'm a very very casual accordion player, and cannot find any of your stuff anywhere (got all the Phil and Aly albums though!) Keep up the good work. Cheers.
Added: 27/04/2008

Name: angus buist    From: gravesend kent
Hi Phill and aly jest whant to say what a good night last night in london soctish music at its beast will mis you when you are up in ullapool in august.
Added: 16/04/2008

Name: Ken Rewcastle    From: Co Durham
Thanks Phil and Aly for another great nights
entertainment at the Kirkgate in Cockermouth.
As I mentioned to Aly outside the Kirkgate Centre,
My wife and I after following you all over Scotland and England consider ourselves to be your Groupies. Unfortunately we are not the usual
Dolly Bird Groupies so you will have to make do with us. We enjoy your music and humour so much
and we will continue to follow you whenever we can.
We love visiting Scotland and are now looking foreward to your Scottish Tour.
Thanks once again for your wonderful music, It
has enriched our lives.
To Phil and Aly MUSICIANS .Best Wishes.
Added: 16/04/2008

Name: Hughie McKellar    From: Wokingham
Thoroughly enjoyed seeing you & Aly at Nettlebed Village Hall last night.An excellent mix of music & banter.
Hope to catch a gig again soon.
All the best
Added: 08/04/2008

Name: Spencer Whittington    From: Florida, USA
On your albun "Best of Aly and Phil" you play a medly, starting with 'My Lily.' Can this wonderful piece of music be purchased? If so, please inform me at this email address.
Thank you.
Added: 06/04/2008

Name: Katherine    From: Oxford
I brought my wee boy to Shipton-u-Wychwood Village Hall last Friday, so he could eventually fall asleep to the sounds of two of the greatest musicians in the world. I've seen and heard you many times; never expected to meet you; and would see you in a crowd of many thousands. Thank you for ignoring your secondary school teacher and for sharing such loveliness with the rest of us. You make the world a better place for it.
Added: 01/04/2008

Name: Colin McKenzie    From: Glasgow
You were both outstanding last Thursday at the concert room in Liverpool. The music was World class and the patter was great.
Thank you for a wonderful evening.
Added: 31/03/2008

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