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Name: Adrienne Regan    From: Kirkcudbright
Thank you for such a wonderful evening yesterday at the parish church.
Your hauntingly beautiful tunes and your magnificent jigs plus your inimitable jokes really made my night, can't wait to play some of your CD@s
Added: 07/12/2008

Name: Thomas Halliday    From: Edinburgh
You are, along with my grandfather, my inspiration for playing the accordion. I love listening to and playing your music. Keep up the good work!
Added: 04/12/2008

Name: Morag Soszka    From: bonar bridge
You give me alot of insperation not to mention you make me laugh
Added: 02/12/2008

Name: elizabeth    From: lanarkshire
you make me smile
Added: 29/11/2008

Name: Fiona Robertson    From: Balloch
Love the Hogmanay show - keep on and on
Added: 19/11/2008

Name: Sheila Morrison    From: New Byth
Hi Phil: thanks for your Newsletter - at last we're up to date with all your news! It was frustrating having to visit your 'My Space' page to read your friends comments about what was going on and only getting one side of the story. How can we contact you now apart from the 'Guest Book'? Your e-mail address is 'kaput' as it says you are 'unknown' and an 'illegal alias'! Hope to go to your show in Turriff in July but if it's very wet the 'Haughs' will be a 'quagmire'and if it's anything like 2 years ago you'll need your 'kayak' to get to the marquee. Please reply. Take care. Sheila
Added: 18/11/2008

Name: Andrew Barrie    From: Edinburgh
Hey Phil, you are an absolute legend and an in part my inspiration for playing folk music and inded trying to inspire others to do likewise. Finally folk music has been reintroduced to porty high in the form of "The Spurtle" ( who are at ends with the head of the music department). Awesome website for an awesome musician.
Added: 15/11/2008

Name: alison ross    From: tobermory
Hi Phil
Love your music - especially the slow airs. My daughter(Sarah) is studying Advanced Higher Music and wonders if she can get hold of a score of Sarah's Song is that possible? Keep up the good work and may your summer tours with Aly long continue - we on the islands appreciate it.
All the best Alison x
Added: 14/11/2008

Name: Sheila Morrison    From: New Byth
Hi Phil: so you're now a 'Broon Bairn'! Well! well! I don't know whether to congratulate you or give you my commiserations! Well done! I do hope you are well and with Christmas coming up your favourite 'tipple' will be flowing freely - do take care. Sheila
Added: 14/11/2008

Name: Bucky Bear    From: Cambridge Mass USA
Phil,This is new email address for me.I have a copy of the DVD with Johnnie from '87 is your mail address the same, email me yeah or nay so I can send it over. Hope the summer tour went well all the best Bucky
Added: 02/11/2008

Name: Gary Ferguson    From: Queensland Australia
Hi Phil,
Growing up in Magdalene, I can still remember you walking to school with your heavy accordion and thinking to myself that carrying that big case looked like hard work!

What a success story! Fantastic! Inspiring! Amazing music!

I thought I would let you know that for the past 6 years or so, whenever my 14 year old son gets slack with his piano practice, I remind him of the lad I used to see walking to school (often on freezing cold days) with the heavy accordion.

Well done Phil! - Cheers
Added: 29/10/2008

Name: Ginny    From: New Jersey, USA
How can I get sheet music for some of your songs??????
Added: 29/10/2008

Name: Carmen Wright    From: Edinburgh
It was in Stromness this past July. The first gig I saw you and Ally Bain together and I wished for the time to stand still.
Added: 16/10/2008

Name: SimonHathaway    From: New Zealand
Hi Phil I met you at the Floddigarry hotel many years ago you made my friends and I very welcome giving us free drinks and each a tape of your album with the Arran boat song on, I loved it and still do, We met again at the Rockingham arms Wentworth, I lived nearby where I saw you and your brother play a wonderful set, does Johnny still play? anyway good look with the new site and if you are ever in Wellington and need a room, for a tune of course, contact me.
Added: 16/10/2008

Name: Sheila Morrison    From: New Byth
Hi Phil: I listened to a tune on a C.D. the other day - Belle Me'res Waltz. What a lovely tune. It wasn't you who was playing but it was a beautiful rendition of it. I do believe you have it on your 'Pearl' C.D. have you? What a nice tribute to your mother-in-law! You will now be in your new appointment with the R.S.A.M.D. as Artistic Director. I wish you luck with it. It will be quite a challenge but I'm sure you can cope. When is the new programme re 'Scotland's Music' with religion to be broadcast. I look forward to it with anticipation! Hope you are well. Take care. Sheila
Added: 13/10/2008

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