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Name: Sheila Morrison    From: New Byth
Hi Phil: Happy Birthday for the 26th. Sorry I didn't know about it. Just missed mine by 2 days! I hope your concerts went well. Sheila
Added: 27/01/2009

Name: Ali    From: Tobermory
Happy Birthday for yesterday Phil!
Added: 27/01/2009

Name: helenthomson    From: falkirk
Dear Phil

loved transatlantic sessons last year . I hope this year will be as good as 2008 . I would like to know if Transatlantic Sessons 2 is coming out on dvd , and if so when . Helen Thomson
Added: 25/01/2009

Name: Elizabeth    From: Lanarkshire
If my memory serves me well someone is having a birthday soon.If im right have a happy one and if im on the totally wrong month SORRY but just have fun anyway xx
Added: 24/01/2009

Name: Marguerite McDonald    From: Wellington, New Zealand
I heard your wonderful music on A Prairie Home Companion (broadcast in New Zealand) this week and it was wonderful so I'm visiting your website to find out more!
Added: 10/01/2009

Name: Mary Umbarger    From: Harmony, NC - USA
I have been a fan of yours for a long time and look forward to your neewsletter. MU
Added: 06/01/2009

Name: Sheila Morrison    From: New Byth
Hi Phil : thanks for the info. Sorry about the newspaper article. I re-read it to see if I'd made a mistake but I hadn't. I liked that last bit at the end of your Newsletter where 'you look forward to seeing us somewhere down the line'!- 'You're kidding' of course! Enjoy your concerts and your 'booze-up' after the one on the 24th. By the way if you do have anything left after it (which I doubt!) do drink a toast to me as I have a celebration then also. Cheers! Sheila.
Added: 05/01/2009

Name: Ian MacRae    From: Edinburgh
Hi Phil..I've watched your progress with great interest ever since you and your brother walked into the masonic hall in the high street (Edin) where the band I was in was holding a Folk night during the Edin. festival ..In front of me stood to young men..long hair ..crombe coats and doc martin boots carrying fiddle cases and asking if they could have a 10 min spot....thank goodness we said yes ...everyone there that night was blown away by the pace and technical ability and that was on the just get better and better ,,any chance the BBC will issue a DVD set of the recent Scotlands Music which I also thought was great

All the best for 2009

Added: 05/01/2009

Name: Sheila Morrison    From: New Byth
Hi Phil : I read in today's Sunday Post of a new show called 'Highland Heartbeat' to be transmitted across the U.S. next month. I notice you have composed a new anthem 'Raise the Flag' and will be included in the line-up of artistes with a tour of the U.S. to follow. Please tell us more? Sheila.
Added: 04/01/2009

Name: Carol Lamond    From: Magdalene, now Skipness Argyll
Always a joy to see you each year. A small remembrance of times past. Wishing you health and heartiness in 2009. Love Carol
Added: 01/01/2009

Name: Sheila Morrison    From: New Byth
Hi Phil:Happy New Year to you. I hope you'd a good one and didn't get too 'pie-eyed'! I enjoyed your Hogmanay Show but I thought the 'Eddi Reader Show' was better. My goodness you were playing so many musical instruments in it your head must have been reeling! Enjoy he rest of your day!Sheila.
Added: 01/01/2009

Name: Lucinda Schlather    From:
Dear Phil: Kudos on the latest list of successes. Hearing Silly Wizard in Austin, Tx was a high point in music for me; I never thought I liked accordian music until I heard you. Thanks.
Added: 25/12/2008

Name: Sheila Morrison    From: New Byth
Hi Phil : thanks for the recent info. and your seasonal greetings to everyone. Hope your 'Song-Book' concert went well. I would have liked to have gone but too many commitments at this time of year. Sorry if I caused you any 'hassle' over the last year. I'm afraid once I start writing I forget to stop! Sorry about that. Have a lovely Christmas and all the best for 2009. Sheila
Added: 23/12/2008

Name: Sheila Morrison    From: New Byth
I would have liked to go to your show in Edinburgh, 'The Christmas Song Book' but I seem to have too many commitments around that time also the weather is so unpredictable especially with all this snow we've been having around here it can be quite risky travelling late at night. Is there really 'a Christmas Song Book' or is it just a figment of your imagination and a name for the show. If there is a 'Song Book' or a song sheet is it possible to have a copy? I could sing along in the bath on Christmas morning (after Santa's been!!) Have a lovely Christmas and a not too 'boozy' New Year! Sheila
Added: 09/12/2008

Name: michael reilly    From: glasgow
hi! big fellow, as one of the greatest james taylor fans, and some say sound-a-like! was wondering what you and him have collaborated on?
Added: 08/12/2008

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