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Name: Fiona Freshwater    From: Dundee
Just had a week in Madrid, the highlight of which was at Clamores jazz club!!
You had a nightmare journey to Madrid. we flew in a flying pub accompanied by 30 drunk rangers supporters on their way to Barcelona who'd found it to be cheaper from Ed by Easyjet then fly on again to Barcelona the next morning, that is if any of them who were arrested when we got there were let out in time!!!!Your concert was wonderful and we loved every minute of it, and so it seemed did all the Spaniards who were there.Sorry we missed perth but this was just great
Added: 11/11/2007

Name: Ruth and Alex Trotter    From: Denholm
Hi Phil, found your great new site this morning after watching your Saturday night programs, excellent stuff.
You and Aly stayed with us at Rae Cottage a couple of times when you were playing at the Cross Keys.
What a pair.
Good luck for the future, always nice to see two weel kent faces on tv.
Added: 11/11/2007

Name: Jorge Hidalgo    From: Spain
No words can even remotely give thanks for your music. You are simply the best.
Added: 10/11/2007

Name: WeeFatShug    From: Fife
Just to say thanks to yourself and Aly for all the wonderful music you have produced over the years.I still watch my old vhs recordings of the first "Aly Bain & friends" series.Thank you Phil. Shug
Added: 09/11/2007

Name: Irene Barclay    From: Fife
I am working down in Cheshire and i was wondering do you have any concerts planned north of the border?I did manage to get to your concert in Glasgow and Stornoway this year.The music and crack was excellent.
Added: 08/11/2007

Name: gazrock    From: Blairgowrie ged
Barry site Phil, mucho impressio !!!!! Goodo excellento !!! From half the sound crew GAZ xxxxxx
Added: 07/11/2007

Name: Roberto Iglesias    From: Spain
Hi Phil!
I'm just listening to you and Aly talking with Ramon Trecet in his Spanish Radio 3 programme. I will never forget the first time me and my brother saw you both playing in a small theater in Kirkwall, Orkney Islands. This goes back to August, 1999. We were late and couldn't get any tickets and while we were speaking to your manager, you finished talking on your phone, asked what happened and simply let us slip to one side of the stage, behind the curtains, to watch the whole set. We felt we were simply the luckiest persons in the world! We will never thank you enough for that. Some years later we watched your performance in Oviedo (we are Asturian) and we could feel that unique magic again. You're the greatest. Thank you for being there and keep on playing. All the best!
Added: 07/11/2007

Name: Brenna Johnston    From: Portland Oregon, now in UK
I watched your first show last night. It was great! I've got the others all lined up to record. Can't wait. I hope my husband can get away from work long enough to watch. He's from Argyll. Thank you for the very informative show and the incredible music!
Added: 07/11/2007

Name: heather roy    From: kennoway fife
hi ally.i am 17 and have played my accordian since i was 12.i have played the dark island at the clanranald but have always missed fergie.looking forward to meeting you some day. i have a slight disability i am deaf.p/s.loved the new program.
Added: 06/11/2007

Name: cathel    From: inverness
brilliant t.v. prog. cant wait for next
Added: 06/11/2007

Name: Billy Johnston    From: Edinburgh
Well done on you Tv documentary, I am looking forward to the remaining episodes. Congratulations !
Added: 06/11/2007

Name: Kizzie (Anne)    From: Aberdeenshire
Hey Phil, Love the new site
BBC programme was brill, very informative, can't wait for next week!
Hope you're well.
Added: 06/11/2007

Name: Dorie Jennings    From: Rochester NY
Nice the photos!
Added: 05/11/2007

Name: Catherine Chandler    From: Nr Chelmsford, essex
Hi there

Love this new site

Love the BBC programme

Thanks for putting this on the myspace bulletin

Take care

Luv Cath x
Added: 05/11/2007

Name: Elise    From: Newcastle, UK
Hiya Phil, hope you're well.
Just dropping by to say LOVELY new site, and GREEEAATT programme on bbc2! ;-)
All the best,

Elise xxx
Added: 05/11/2007

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