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Name: Sheila    From:
I was sorry I missed most of the Trans-Atlantic Sessions Programme on B.B.C. T.V. last night. I only saw the last 10 mins. Will it be shown again as I did enjoy the bit I did see? By the way I see you are performing at Southampton University next month. I have a nephew studying music there - Eddy Thrower. If you happen to 'bump' into him, give him my regards but I don't suppose you will. Southampton is one of my old haunts! Take care Sheila
Added: 23/03/2009

Name: alistair mcluckie    From: glasgow
what a pleasure it was to meet you in the drum and monkey last night. I thoroughly enjoyed the chat and your time so generously given. Best of luck for the future
Added: 19/03/2009

Name: Renata Edge    From: Musselburgh
Hi Phil,
Part One of your Grace Notes on Scottish church music was an absolute treat. Part Two was very good also. I never thought of you as a presenter, but you handled the job with sensitivity and without ego. More of the same, please!
Added: 16/03/2009

Name: Sheila    From:
Hi Phil : on your January letter you said you had nothing to do with the 'Highland Heartbeat Show' which was shown across the U.S.A. last Saturday. However the same Sunday newspaper that had reported that you were to be in the 'line-up' for the show again reported that you were in the 'line-up'! Please clarify. Hope you are well. Sheila.
Added: 08/03/2009

Name: Helen Tawse    From: Methlick
Great music
Added: 02/03/2009

Name: carol kennedy    From: ottawa--Canada
Hi from Canada--I met you in Shetland--I was the piano player for the late and great Graham Townsend---I have ever since that time enjoyed you wonderful music--hope to see you in Ottawa or Montreal sometime----I will always rembember your sence of humor--what fun---Hi to Aly----cheers carol
Added: 25/02/2009

Name: Sheila    From:
Your second part of 'Grace Notes' was very interesting and informative. Well done. It answered my Question. Nowadays we also use another Hymn book - Mission Praise which contains lots of 'Sankey' style hymns. When do you plan to do any more of these programmes? Sheila
Added: 22/02/2009

Name: Irene Harvey    From: Oban
Looking forward to catching your next tour with Aly
Added: 21/02/2009

Name: Martin Kasprowicz    From: Stonehaven
Hope to see you soon, Phil. Please publicise the work of Folkheart. Thanks, Martin
Added: 19/02/2009

Name: Sheila    From:
Hi Phil: Fascinating!in more ways than one! Something is puzzling me, perhaps you can clarify it for me one day or on the other hand perhaps not!! Looking forward to your next programme of 'Grace Notes'. Sheila.
Added: 15/02/2009

Name: Tom O'Connor    From: Melbourne, Australia
Hi Phil
I have long been wondering if themusic from Lewis and Clarke is available in sheet music. I am a hack musician and need the music written down. Hope its available somewhere
Added: 13/02/2009

Name: Archie Macaulay    From: London
Originally from Kinlochmoidart. Nephew of 'Donald Macaulay of Creagorry' - a tune you will know well, and grandson of his father the 'Bodach'. Looking forward to seeing you at Nettlebed on 20th April
Added: 02/02/2009

Name: Brian Hay    From: Dundas Ontario Canada
Hi Phil - you won't remember me but I was a naive, shy 20 yr old Canadian kid who you picked up in the white "Silly Wizard" van in June 78 in England. Along for the ride were 2 Canadian girls, one which you fancied, an jewish guy from Israel and a German from Namibia. The week that we travelled with you and stayed at Martin the bass player's house was memorable!! One of the highlights of my trip.
I've listened to your music and love it. Hope your doing well.
Brian Hay
Added: 30/01/2009

Name: Lorna    From:
fantastic ceilidh on Sat night.One more barn dance would have finished me! Was going to thank you at the end but you were surrounded by your fan club!! Who was the young lad at the end of the line - he was excellent.I think I'll join his fan club!!Hope Tra**essions on Friday is as enjoyable.
Added: 29/01/2009

Name: javier delcan lucas    From: spain
Hello, Phil.
Added: 28/01/2009

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