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Name: jackie dagnall    From: perthshire
Dear Phil,
I am so enjoying your programme,and your presentation of the history of the songs of Scotland.I am learning so much .Thankyou.
Added: 20/11/2007

Name: Ewan    From: Central Scotland
A great TV series Phil, congratulations to you and the team!
Please persuade the BBC to commission more programs like this.
Added: 20/11/2007

Name: moira brock    From: dundee
Your current TV programme is sheer magic - you have opened my ears to the beauty and joy of Scotland's music.
Added: 19/11/2007

Name: tony warburton    From: manchester
Phil, love your music and congratulations on supeb series.Its more of an education but a joy to watch,
Added: 19/11/2007

Name: Gary Currie    From: Co Tyrone
Just been to scotland recently on honeymoon. Picked up a couple of your cd's and really liked your stuff. Hopefully can get to hear you guys in concert in near future and maybe have a tune together.
Added: 18/11/2007

Name: evelyn    From: kinnesswood
Really enjoying the series on BBC2
Added: 18/11/2007

Name: Iain Roy    From: Rhue, Ullapool
Very much enjoying your current tv series; great songs and touching stories. good to see a programme that lets good material speak for itself, linked with intelligence and humour.
Added: 18/11/2007

Name: gazrock    From: Blairgowrie ged
Hi Phil, hope u and Aly had good time in Spain. Like your tv programme but feel u should have included you,re very handsome Scottish road crew on it. They would have added a touch of glamour to the cast !!!!! Very good though !!!!! Gaz xxxxx
Added: 16/11/2007

Name: Amy Matilda    From: Cayo Costa, Florida
Hi, Phil-- Congratulations on the success of your latest TV project, and I hope we'll see it eventually in the US! Very lovely new website... I'm looking for the special "pull-my-finger" page, I just know it's here somewhere... ;^))
Best wishes always! Love, Amy G
Added: 16/11/2007

Name: George Craig    From: Monmouthshire South Wales
congratulations on your new BBC Scotland series.
Your friendly & at times humourous delivery is a major part in the success of the making of the programme
We always watch you and Ally at Hogmanay which brings a lot of enjoyment to 2 scottish exiles in wales
George & Anne
You are a true entertainer who should have much more air time on the box
Added: 14/11/2007

Name: Dougie    From: Dundee
I have just e'mailed the Beeb, agree with Maggie they have got to bring out on DVD your series on Music in Scotland. Hurry up and get your shop opened before christmas because I need a couple of your early CD's namely Airs & Graces and Against the storm , anyone any ideas where I can purchase these CD's
Added: 14/11/2007

Name: Jill    From: Peterhead
Great website. Always a fan(atic) of really good music, so you are top of my list!
Added: 14/11/2007

Name: jen.    From: dundee
great show on keeps getting better
Added: 14/11/2007

Name: Henry    From: Borders
Hi Uncle Phil,
Love the programmes. Hope my best pal will be appearing! Great Website too.
Added: 11/11/2007

Name: maggie    From: houston texas/stonehaven scotl
Sooo disappointed that we can't get to hear the prog - please say it will be produced as a DVD - going by the other comments it would sell in millions! Missing the old country....and the music.
Added: 11/11/2007

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