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Name: Ninian Fergus(AKA Skin)    From: Linlithgow
An old Wizard fan from the 70s. Remember nights in the Shelbourne Lounge in York Place, Edinburgh? And a PA with the band in HMV circa 1979? Etc. etc. etc.
Added: 07/12/2007

Name: Norrie Bryce    From: Edinburgh/Glasgow
What happened to Jimmy McGregor and Robin Hall -?
Much as I enjoy your prog am disappointed that we did not hear the pair - Tramps and Hawkers etc....
Added: 07/12/2007

Name: Jim Edmonson    From: Cleveland Heights, Ohio
Am a longtime (since 1981) fan who laments Johnny's sad demise, and the breakup of Silly Wizard, and have since enjoyed seeing Phil and Aly here some years ago, and also Andy Stewart and Manus Lunny. I am a friend of Dawn Kemp (RCS Edin) and I hope she'll be able to book Phil and Aly as the headliners for a meeting of medical museum folks like myself in Sept 2008! Glad to see the new site taking shape.

My very best regards,

Added: 07/12/2007

Name: Kirsty    From: Scottish Highlands
Hi, just wanted to say how much we are enjoying your show on BBC2 just now. I also am surprised that there has been no mention of Runrig on the show though. They have played such a fantastically huge part in Scottish music for the past 35 years and are still much loved here in Scotland. Will the programme be coming out on DVD, even without Runrig, it has been super watching.
Added: 05/12/2007

Name: Deirdre Chance    From: Bendigo, Victoria, Australia
Hi Phil

I saw an episode of your BBC 4 series about Scotland's music and was blown away by it - the music and the text. I happened to be in Glasgow at the time as part of a trip around the highlands so it was synchronicity.

Is the series likely to be released on DVD, if so I'll be first in line to buy it - well somewhere in line as it will have many fans.

best wishes
Deirdre Chance
Added: 05/12/2007

Name: Rob Musgrove    From: Melbourne Australia
Hi Phil,
I first heard you play on a compilation CD some years ago and later bought the video of you & Aly in concert.
I'm an amateur piano accordionist so really appreciate watching a master at work!
Look forward to your site being completed and purchasing more music.
I'd like to see more concerts on DVD or other live performances & what about an intructional DVD "How to play like Phil" & share some playing techniques.
Best regards
Added: 05/12/2007

Name: Dr David S Bremner    From: Turriff, Ex Glasgow, Ex Caithn
You bring out the power & passion of the scottish nation & it's people's music. Our motto should be 'Music & Humour' Lang mae yur lum reek laddie.
Such gifts as yours & all your guests come direct from God. Treasure it & then pass it on to the future generation. It gives us all back our pride of being Scottish.
Added: 04/12/2007

Name: Bill and Margaret    From: Fife
Thank you so much for Scotland's Music - a wonderful series of programmes. We cannot express how much we have enjoyed it. Your presentation 'makes' each episode. It is so apt, whatever the nature of the music or the performers. The BBC must release a DVD. In our opinion easily the best series of 2007.
Added: 04/12/2007

Name: Gordon    From: Aberdeenshire
Hi been watching your series on BBC2 absolutely fantastic ........... been to see you and aly play many times and was inspired tonight as you met paul anderson and fiona both whom ive had pleasure of meeting...... dot stop what your doing
Added: 04/12/2007

Name: Penny Hemans    From: Stonehaven
First saw you in Snape Maltings with Boys O the Lough, and on your return visit. We were bitten by your music! I missed last week's programme. My friend in Oban gave me feedback and she said it filled her spirit. You and Aly will be sorely missed when your series finishes. Come back soon! Thanks a million Phil& Aly. Warm Wishes from Stonehaven (will you come this way again?) Penny xx
Added: 03/12/2007

Name: Christine    From: Edinburgh
hello Phil
Just a word to say how much we are enjoying your series - cant believe it finishes on Saturday! The music featured has been amazing - please tell me there will be a CD !
You come over as such a great guy too - well done!
best wishes
Christine from Edinburgh
Added: 03/12/2007

Name: Angela Mc***er    From: Ayr
I'm sorry to see that next week's will be the last programme in this series. I have thoroughly enjoyed them, not only the music and background information, but also the great scenery. Loved the "archive" clip of you and Jimmy Shand - how young and slender you were then! I hope to see you in Ayrshire again this year - unfortunately we were away when you were at the Gaiety in September, but I did see you at the "Burns and a that" concert in May, which was great.
Added: 02/12/2007

Name: Phil Gosling    From: Edinburgh
I am amazed we have not seen anything of Runrig as they link the Gaelic to the Scottish music and on to folk and popular.
5 shows and many musicians and not a mention of Runrig or even Donny Munrow - very disaaponiting for a 6 show series what went wrong?

Phil Edinburgh
Added: 02/12/2007

Name: doreen    From: daviot, next door tae mairiead
bet you dont read this Phil- in anticipation that you do, luvin your programme on the telly,ken and m.maclennan live opposite me , know lots about you, shame you dont know about me!!
Saw you twa in ellon , Aye fond kiss is the best !Doreen
Added: 02/12/2007

Name: Debbie    From: Callander, perthshire
been wathching your programme every week, it's great, enjoyed your bit on stirling castle ( I work in the castle gift shop )
p.s. my surname is Cunningham also !!!
Added: 01/12/2007

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