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Name: hugh munro    From: hilton tain
hi phil its been a wee while since i saw you last still listening to your music
Added: 12/12/2007

Name: Ian Black    From: Glasgow
Scotland's Music on TV was amazing, it had me laughing and crying at the beauty of the music I had forgotten. I've been listening to you on and off for years but had forgotten how important music is to life. I'm listening to and playing Scottish music again thanks to you and I'm a much happier man for it. Thank you Phil. What in the name of the wee man did Roseanne Cash do to your tune. Still, Sarah's Sond in Oman must have been a blast. More power to your arm. Thanks again.
Added: 12/12/2007

Name: pete jones    From: elgin originally
A piper, now living in the south of England, was up for the weekend saw your programme videoed by father in law, excellent, best music programme ever, I have learned so much, raving about it to the other jox here. What about a dvd of the series?

Yours aye,

Added: 11/12/2007

Name: Henry Mosey    From: Castle Douglas
Really enjoyed your series on Scottish music.Best hour of the week. Missed you and Aly when you were in Castle Douglas.Wont miss the next time.Dont leave it too long
Added: 10/12/2007

Name: Scott Grove    From: Bishopbriggs
Thanks for a great series Phil, Thought provoking, interesting and entertaining. Like others I would like to buy a Copy on DVD, if it's available, as a gift for my father who only got to see the first couple of episodes due to being submitted to Hospital. So you'll need to get your shop up and running.


Added: 10/12/2007

Name: Jim Taylor    From: Edinburgh
You rascal. You gave us the secret life of roses and din't tlell us how we could enjoy this in our collection.

I have anjoyed the music of Scotland immensely. I would like to buy the series on DVD.

You are a star. I have seen visions of Scotland's music I couldn't even have imagined.

I thank you for this.

How can I obtain the recording of this great new tune?

Thanks Phil.
Added: 10/12/2007

Name: ann stewart    From: govan glasgow
my husband recorded your show I wasn't interested but ended watching the last two shows it was great and really interesting the secrest of the roses was beatiful well done
Added: 10/12/2007

Name: John Rigby    From: Peebles
Just wante to say I have seen you live and I have been watching the television program you have made following the journey of scottish music and then it dawned on me that something strange was happening. I had been watchingit with my grandmother and it is amazing how the appreciation of the music was spanning through the generations which today is very unusual. Well done and thank you.
Added: 09/12/2007

Name: Alison Deuchars    From: Scotland
I've enjoyed your music for years, and love to listen to your patter as well as the music. I was at the premiere of your orchestral piece years ago at Celtic Connections, has it ever been recorded? and what is it called? Recent TV series Scotland's Music was good but I thought it could have been longer - there's so much more music to be covered, will there be another series?
Added: 09/12/2007

Name: Jan Anderson    From: Cumbernauld
Hi Phil what a fabulous show I was the only one in my house NOT watching the X factor. I wish i was as great a musician like yourself but im an extremely average piper, i would love to meet you one day and be on cuddle corner Ha Ha! Well done youve got the Xfactor for me.
Added: 09/12/2007

Name: Bea Ferguson    From: Edinburgh
I loved the series and watched each episode twice. Would love a DVD for myself, but also to send to ex-pat friends who would love it too. Any chance of one being produced?
Added: 09/12/2007

Name: Liz Grant    From: Rora, near Peterhead, Aberdeen
Your programmes on Saturday night are great! Will there be a DVD?
Added: 09/12/2007

Name: Scott Ratcliffe    From: Edinburgh
A very enjoyable and informative series culminating in your tune started in your back garden which I would describe as a skeleton that ended up as full bodied in the rca recording studio.I do hope you will release this song either as a single or as part of an album perhaps refelcting the music from the series?
Added: 09/12/2007

Name: Alan McNulty    From: Grantown-on-Spey
Really enjoyed the programme last evening as always especially the part showing the development of pipe bands in Oman. Worked in Oman for 17 years and will always National Day there with the entry into a darkened stadium of a military pipe band mounted on camels walking with graceful gait.
Added: 09/12/2007

Name: Elma Campbell    From: Irvine, Ayrshire
Congratulations Phil on a very enjoyable informative series namely Scotland's music.We were glued to the telly every time with a wee dram in hand to enjoy. A very emotional end to the series, I picked up my accordion straight away to play your lovely tune Secret life of roses, so beautiful.Special to the family also that you shared in our daughter's graduation ceremony last week with your good friends Ally and Eddi.Congratulations again on your achievments and a superb series.
Added: 09/12/2007

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