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Name: john wright    From: spey bay, fochabers
enjoyed the programs phil,they were superb. have just watched the repeat of the last one, where can I get a recording of "the secret life of roses?"
Added: 18/12/2007

Name: Dave Mowat    From: Speyside
Brilliant TV programme....I have been brought up with this music (all the 24 years) and have never taken notice until now. I am now even more proud to be Scottish. Thanks
Added: 18/12/2007

Name: "Taff" kingsbury    From: Rhondda , South Wales
Thoroughly enjoyed your series on BBC, It was a must every week. You're "Tidy" as we say in Wales. Thanks Phil
Added: 18/12/2007

Name: Alasdair Stevenson    From: Cheshire
Had the unexpected pleasure of seeing you and Ally whilst on holiday in Orkney some years ago. Brilliant.
Added: 18/12/2007

Name: Randy Stander    From: Los Angeles
had the pleasure of seeing you and Aly in Queensbury in summer '06 -- it was the highlight of our UK trip. Talked to you on the steps about what relativity and silly wizard and all the other combinations have meant to my family and I. My son, who was born listening to relativity, is now in college. Come see us on the wast coast of the U.S.
Added: 18/12/2007

Name: Meg Page    From: Vermont, USA
Scotland's Music sounds like it was a wonderful series. Will it be shown on BBC America? We've enjoyed your concerts in Vermont, going back to the Silly Wizard days and with Aly more recently, and we hope you'll come again!
Added: 18/12/2007

Name: john healy    From: glasgow
brilliant programe, brilliant music (mar as abhaist)I enjoyed it from start to finish.
thank you.
Added: 16/12/2007

Name: Bill Cuthbertson    From: Odiham, Hampshire
I'm sad that your wonderful programme Scotland's Music is over and I hope that the BBC produce it as a DVD. It reminded me of childhood and my music education at Kilmarnock Academy. So many beautiful melodies and so interesting how Scotland influenced music overseas in remote places like Oman. CONGRATULATIONS PHIL !
Added: 16/12/2007

Name: Maggie McNeil    From: Glasgpw
I love listening to your music. It reminds me of when I was young and my dad played the accordion. Obviously he wasn't anywhere near as good as you but he really enjoyed playing. I think if anyone enjoys playing an instrument and is enthusiastic about it then you can't help enjoying it too, even if they're not that good! I love listening to you playing with Aly Bain because both instruments complement one another. Thanks for giving us all so much pleasure.
Added: 16/12/2007

Name: Jane Gear    From: Magdalene, Edinburgh
This is a blast from the past. Do you remember me and my family. My maiden named is Adams. I've always kept up with what you have been doing and really pleased for you and your success, the TV programme was really well done and you managed to approach it in away to draw all ages in. If only I'd got you John Handock back at the old folks homes not just time off school!!!!. I was really sad to read on your site that John is not with us now please accept our thoughts to you and the family.If you get a chance please email, be great to hear from you
Added: 15/12/2007

Name: Magda Ferrer    From: Barcelona, Spain
Hi Phil!
Congratulations for your wonderful music programme on the BBC. I enjoyed watching it every week, it's a pity it's over now!
I love your music and hope you and Aly come to play in Barcelona soon. Meanwhile, I'll have the chance to hear you playing at the Celtic Connections Festival in February. Thanks for your music. Magda
Added: 15/12/2007

Name: crombie    From: Italy
fab! program.
Added: 14/12/2007

Name: Eunice    From: Fife
The series was spellbounding and should be on the curriculum in schools.
I respect your talent and wish you well.
Added: 14/12/2007

Name: Vicki Frederick    From: Chicago, IL
Hello, Phil. It was great to spend time with you on Loch Ness this summer. We were delighted to see you on "Tartan T.V." in Chicago recently! It was a brief show on the opening of the new Parliament Bldg. in Edinburgh. We love your music and hope to see you again soon. Love to the puppy. Vicki and Jim
Added: 14/12/2007

Name: Jackie Gillies    From: Isle of skye
Hi Phil, long time since our paths have crossed. Like many others I've been on the hunt for a DVD from the TV programme - it was just fantastic! Just the kind of thing I'd love to put in Buffie's christmas stocking. Is it likely to be available soon?
Next time you are in skye pop in and say hello, would be great to see you in the north end. Hope you are happy and well.
Added: 13/12/2007

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