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Name: Eva Odériz Calvo    From: San Sebastián, Spain
We watched Ali and you last November, in Bilbao (we hope next time you come again to San Sebastian instead, in the renewed Victoria Eugenia, in front of Café Santana where you ate "croquetas", haha). Anyway, it was marvellous, wonderful, lovely and we really enjoyed it. Thanks a lot for your music.
Added: 19/12/2007

Name: James f**an    From: Cumbernauld
Have followed your t v show and thoroughly enjoyed it Great to hear the different variations in american folk too
Added: 19/12/2007

Name: Barbara Allan    From: Aberdeen
Love the country version of 'secret life of roses' Has it been recorded and if so where can we get a copy
Added: 19/12/2007

Name: Caroline & Gail    From: Ellon
Loved "Secret Life of Roses". It really must be released!!
Added: 19/12/2007

Name: Sheila McDonald    From: Glasgow (Shetland)
Are going to release the song you duetted with Roseanne Cash
Added: 19/12/2007

Name: Dennis Wilson    From: Dalkeith
Great website Phil...when it's finished!!! I LOVED the phoaties, especially the one with Davy. Seeing that one brought back a lot of happy memories, as did the ones with you and Johnny in your twenties!! Congratulations on the Trad Award.
Added: 19/12/2007

Name: Colin McKenzie    From: Widnes, Cheshire
Your recent TV programme was terrific. I watched every one and enjoyed and learned so much.
I am a Scot so it had a special appeal to me, but that does not detract from the excellent content of the programme. Best wishes, Colin.
Added: 19/12/2007

Name: Niall Gordan    From: Muir of Ord (Skye soon!)
I loved the Scotland's Music series - Phil seems a down-to-earth nice guy, as is often the case with real talent. More importantly though, the programmes have added valuable new songs to the tradition... Secret Life of Roses must be one of the most moving songs composed recently. Well done mannie!
Added: 19/12/2007

Name: Isabell Lillie    From: Mayfield, Dalkeith, Midlothian
When feeling really low Phils music lifts my
heart and makes me feel life is worth while and
for enjoying
Added: 18/12/2007

Name: Colleen Anderson    From: Co Clare,then Glasgow
The series was a long time coming, but so worth the wait. I have always thought it a privilege to be a musician, both natural and trained and been rather deprecating about my abilities. No longer - these programmes have taken what many musical snobs see as simple and raised traditional music to genius level. Music can travel worldwide and make friends of strangers.It can move hearts and minds and also transfix us."Secret Lives..." what a haunting composition.Now,can I master the accordion?
Added: 18/12/2007

Name: malcolm johnstone    From: Muthill. Perthshire
Brilliant programme, just watched repeat of the last one. The song, The secret life of rose is terrific is it going to be released soon. Please keep me posted.
It is true what some other comments say uou should be on at hogmany with Ally Barbara and all the rest.
Added: 18/12/2007

Name: Mary Barclay    From: Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland
Hi Phil

I'd like to say that your TV programme was absolutely fantastic. I wish it could have gone on for longer!. I think it's probably the best programme I've ever watched. Thank you.
Added: 18/12/2007

Name: David Wood    From: Dunblane
Fantastic series Phil. Thanks.
Is your song, the secret life of roses, by the Country Music All Star available?
Added: 18/12/2007

Name: Helen Singleton    From: Bothwell
I've just discovered my favourite song, it strikes a chord deep in my heart and soul, The Secret Life of Roses! Beautiful!
Thanks for a fantastic programme, I've loved it and my children have enjoyed it too. Its been a real treat. We stumbled on it by chance and I hope its repeated soon so that we can enjoy it again.
Added: 18/12/2007

Name: ian anderson    From: Bo'ness
Phil,I have just finished watching (and listening) to the last of your Scottish Music programmes, having watched all of them. Absolutely wonderful and it is a pity that we can't have something similar on Hogmanays, rather than the "OTT" nonsense that we have been shown over the past several years. The music is so nostalgic and reminiscent of an almost bygone age. I was further interested in your "travels" having myself spent two years in Oman and working in Kentucky and Tenessee. Great Stuff. Let's have some more.
Ian Anderson.
Added: 18/12/2007

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