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Name: Frank Weat    From: Accrington
Dear Phil

I have just been sent copies of your wonderful "Scotland's Music" serial. So many lovely songs, such lovely camerawork, beaytifully put together.

I loved the section in Cape Breton - I have been a fan of their music for years. Great to see Buddy and Natalie together. I did wonder how you managed to avoid showing a picture of the giant fiddle on the riverfront ?

More of the same please
Added: 14/01/2008

Name: Iain Logan    From: Edinburgh
I'm ashamed to say that's only in relatively recent times that I've learned more about Phil and his music. I didn't know what I was missing.
Scotland's Music was a masterpiece.
Added: 10/01/2008

Name: Kenny Macdonald    From: Lewis of course, now Norway
Followed the series on TV, and as many here have already commented, very well done indeed! Significant piece work and something to be proud of.

Lowering the tone a little . . . whatever became of your fart page of old?
Added: 09/01/2008

Name: Audrey Robb    From: Glenrothes, Fife
Loved "Scotland's Music" and your beautiful tune Secret Life of Roses, especially the Country Music Allstars version. Is it being released on CD? I saved the website to my favourites and play it over and over again.Wonderfully uplifting
Added: 05/01/2008

Name: Linda Dalziel    From: Edinburgh

I have trawled through music shops and now the web looking for a dvd of your BBC2 series, but no luck - seems I am not the only one as they kept telling me that they had had lots of enquiries. Have you or the BBC brought it out on DVD - thought I had solved the problem of what to get my 85 year old mother for her birthday as she raved about the series. Is it out and where can I get it if it is?
Added: 05/01/2008

Name: john    From: dundee
hi phil loved the series. just one point you said i think, in the second programefestivals from keith to auchtermuchty from june to july.fair enough,but i have been leaving to go to muchty the second week in august for years.where have i been!great show
Added: 04/01/2008

Name: julie    From: scotland
Phil, I can't stop thinking about your recent programme about Scotlands music and it's history. You took us all on that journey with you, and I was hooked. I have always fought against Scottish music because when I sing I sound like a folk singer and I always wantd to be a rock singer, I wanted to be cooler! Now I realise how stupid I have been not to embrace it all and enjoy being part the most amazing musical culture. Thanks Phil, it was a real treat!
Added: 04/01/2008

Name: rachel judge    From: manchester
saw your name Phil on a poster in Lancaster where my daughter is at uni. The time flew back to when I saw Silly Wizard at Cleethorpes folk festival many years ago and was bowled over by your music. We requested the folk band Silver Birch to play your songs at our wedding and I recall their wonderful performance od Queen Of Argyll. I have never stopped listening to Sily Wizard and I am hoping that this year I will be able to get to one of your gigs after so many years.
Added: 03/01/2008

Name: Heather    From: Australia
I have just listened to your music for the first time.
I love it.Especially "The Secret life Of Roses".
How beautiful,thank you.
Added: 01/01/2008

Name: Allan Walker    From: Argyll
Hi Phil
Last Hogmany I sent an e-mail to you about how I enjoyed the hogmany show, but that I said to people that I joined the army in the the seventies to escape Calum's Celiedh on a friday night, and that for some reason 30 years later I am now finding a stirring for the music that was as alien to me as the punk rock that I had to play at disco.s in the Lanark-shire area, and I also said that the BBC should be pushing this medium more, now a year later, after your excellent programme on Scottish music, it is obvious I was not a lone voice in the wilderness,
would like to rabbit on but just like to wish you and phil a happy new year, and my aim is to make it to one of your live shows in 2008.

Regards Allan
P.S. Hogmany show should be 2 hours not 1 .
Added: 01/01/2008

Name: Fiona Laing    From: Isle of Arran
Hi Phil, loved the recent series "Scotland's Music", hope it is repeated soon, there was os much to take in and enjoy Your music,with Aly, keeps me company when I drive round the island every day delivering the newspapers. All the best for 2008.
Added: 31/12/2007

Name: Lee Kempf    From: Philadelphia, PA US
Hi Phil - Happy New Year - Take note of the large unknown mechanical object which washed ashore at Stinky Bay ?? While many may conjecture I for one am absolutely sure of the what and for whom. To your benefit I would ring up Fergie MacDonald and tell him his new "Dip Fryer" has been waylaid and to get in touch with Uilg Trucking Lines and see if they can ferry it down to Mallaig. Wouldn't want to miss out on all those fried Milky Way bars for Hogmanny. Cheers for 2008. Lee & Janet Kempf
Added: 31/12/2007

Name: Bret    From: USA
From what I have seen of "Scotland's Music" it seems like you did a great job. Any plans for a DVD? I live in the U.S. and would love to see the whole thing.
Added: 30/12/2007

Name: Richard Walter    From: Musselburgh
Scotland's Music was fantastic television viewing - my wife and I loved the whole series and the last episode was incredible. Please release all the various (known!!) versions of Secret Life of Roses soon. That beautiful song had an incredible journey and deserves its own place in our musical heritage!! Good luck in 2008 Phil and we eagerly await your next venture!!!
Added: 30/12/2007

Name: Karen Duncan    From: Aberdeen
Hi Phil, My husband and I loved your journey through our musical past and present. Your easy nature made the programmes wonderful. The melody of Secret Life of Roses is beautiful, and the lyrics added wonderful. Looking forward to watching you once again at Hogmanay - slanj
Added: 30/12/2007

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