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Name: Euan Nicolson    From: Glasgow & Inverness
Hello Phil, just a note to thank you, Aly and the rest of the 'ensemble' for a great night at the Old Fruitmarket on wednesday. You made both my Gran and Mothers birthday a real treat (but they'll tell you that the next time they see you walking round Inverness). Not sure about the 'Hawk-eye the noo!' joke, best stick to the accordian! Awra best, Euan
Added: 31/01/2008

Name: Peggy    From: Pittsburgh, PA
Hi Phil! Happy Birthday (a wee day late) to you!
Added: 28/01/2008

Name: Kenny Allen    From: Midcalder
Hi Phil..bumped into you recently in the supermarket! TV series really appreciated...job well done..thanks again! Kenny
Added: 28/01/2008

Name: william chisholm    From: crianlarich
met phil @ V.I.P area in strathclyde suite one time, been watching his T.V. show's very well conducted, impressive photoghraphy, and great music too!! W.
Added: 27/01/2008

Name: Wendy Patton    From: Edinburgh
Hi Phil,
Hoping to see you back in Edinburgh soon.
Added: 26/01/2008

Name: Susan    From: Dumfries, (Alba)
You inspire us with your music and your whole being...... you are a tribute to Scotland, a treasure, and young and old just love you... And Rabbie would have been a great friend.. x
Added: 26/01/2008

Name: Elaine Sutherland    From: Livingston
I go to all your sessions in the Livingston/Bathgate area and have thoroughly enjoyed them all.
Added: 25/01/2008

Name: bert nicholson    From: thornton fife
met phil twice ,an unassuming virtuoso best wishes for the future and good health, phil
Added: 25/01/2008

Name: Jim Killeen    From: Grayslake, Il
The old Irish Guy who sang Bonnie Mary of**yle with you and Liz and Ali on Tommie Makems last cruise. Let us know if you plan a trip to the States. Congrats on your sucess and new page. Jim
Added: 23/01/2008

Name: Ross Baird    From: Aberdeen
Hi Phil,
I have just returned from 2 months out of the country, and thanks to the wonders of Sky + I was able to watch all of your marvellous series. Fantastic, made me very proud to be Scottish. Please release the Nashville version of your song, it would bring a tear to gless ee.
Added: 22/01/2008

Name: Sandy Catto    From: Aberdeen
Hi to you Phil
I have been to see you guys more times than I can remember, last year we even took two English friend to Farr in Inverness-shire to see you. They have been at me to get your Tour dates for 2008, are they released yet?. You always mention Fergie during your shows, we finally managed to go and see him in Elgin, and I felt like I knew him, as you take him off wonderfully.

Regards, Sandy Catto
Added: 22/01/2008

Name: Darrell Keigan    From: Cape Breton
How's it going my good man?? Hello from Cape Breton. Listen man, you have to put Andy M. in touch with the crew at Celtic Colours... would be a blast to see you both over here one of these years. Food for thought, right??

Anyway, keep your stick on the ice.
Added: 22/01/2008

Name: George Massie    From: Peterhead
Dear Phil , I would just like to say thank you for such a wonderful series, and the way you portrayed Scotland
And its fantastic Music as well as all the other different styles Cape Breton I have been a fan of that kind of music for years. My niece Anna Massie She has performed twice at the Celtic Colours International Festival in Cape Breton.Phil I think you are an inspiration for Scottish Music and your Program has portrayed Scottish Heritage in a new light and I think you
have put Scotland on the map Big Time ,better than any politicians could ever have done “Well Done” and I do hope you will be doing anther series of this type In the future .

Many Thanks George Massie
Added: 21/01/2008

Name: Val Macdonald    From: West Linton
Dear wonderful to watch you on the TV moving through Scotland's beautiful scenery and sharing your lovely music with the world...thank you...I was enthralled by both you and the music...I'm another new fan ! I specially liked the way you illustrated musical differences using Secret Life of Roses. Went to the Queens Hall at Christmas - great - and looking forward to seeing you again soon. Wishing you a very happy and successful 2008.
Added: 19/01/2008

Name: ken raw    From: haddington
hi there phil,

just wanted to congratulate yourself on your great tv series. brilliant music all round. really liked the ending to the religion programme where all the musicians played together. how did the director put that together? he must have found it very challenging. really enjoyed it.

Added: 14/01/2008

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