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Film & Tv Music
This section details Phil's work for Films & TV either specially commissioned (*), or using some of Phil's original compositions.
Client Details
BBC Scotland Phil's Pipe Dream (2015)
USA & UK TV Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman
  Walker’s Texas starring Chuck Norris
USA TV Lewis and Clarke Expedition ( Ken Burns)
  Touched by an Angel
  Young and Restless
  60 Minutes
USA Film Release 20th Century Fox / Last of The Mohicans
New Zealand Film Getaway
New Zealand Documentary Landline 97
USA TV and Cable Early Morning News and Sunday News
  World Cup Golf
Film Exhibitions Salt of the Earth: music composed for Craig Mackay photo & film exhibition 2009
Channel 4 * Haud Yer Tongue
Scottish Television * The Sea Kingdoms
  * The Borders
  * Ready, Set, Go
  * Speaking Our Language
  * Ainm A Ghaideil
  * Divorcing Daddy
BBC * The Natural World: Secrets of the Highlands 2009
BBC Drama * 'Donal and Sally' with Gerard Kelly
BBC Comedy Unit * Tales of Parahandy
BBC Sports * A Match For Europe
BBC * Billy Connolly's Musical Tour of New Zealand 2004
BBC * The Story Store - An animated Film shown nationally on Christmas Day 2002
In addition to the above, Phil has also worked on various items on the following TV Channels: Sky News (Domestic and Foreign), Sky One (Domestic), Sky One (Foreign), Sky Movies Screen 1, Sky Movies Screen 2, Sky Movies Gold, Sky Sports 1, Sky Sports 3, Discovery Home and Leisure, Channel 5, S4C, BBC Network and Local Radio, Hong Kong (Inc. Taiwan) Television, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Canadian Television.


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